I created this synopsis of some ideas from the paper “How to Revise a Total Preorder” by Booth and Meyer during the seminar on “Representation and processing of uncertain knowledge with logic-based methods” at the University of Hagen.

The slides are from my final presentation of the topic (and might be more or less useless on their own).


Adapting one’s world view in the light of new information is a central skill of intelligent agents. Total preorders are a common tool to model plausibility orderings over possible worlds in the research field of belief change. In their paper ”How to Revise a Total Preorder”, Booth and Meyer present an approach to revising preorders for iterated belief revision. Their operator is based on assigning abstract intervals of plausibility to worlds, depending on new evidence supporting them or not. This synopsis presents part of their work in tpo-revision operators and their properties with the help of an accompanying example and additional visualisation.


Seminar Paper

Presentation Slides

Source Code

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