The following slides where created for my Talk “Not all those who wander are lost — Lessons from five years of learning and working remotely” for the Alumni Organisation of the Software Campus. They lose a lot of context without the actual talk but maybe they are of some interest.


After COVID, many knowledge workers have some experience with remote work. With more and more jobs going back to pre-pandemic setups, it is a good time to look back and reflect on what worked, what did not work and which best-practices support remote working while mitigating its downsides.

How can we efficiently work remotely in industry? Are there any differences we need to pay attention to when working as a freelancer? And does remote work have a place in academia going forward? Join me presenting my experiences, mistakes, and learnings from working remotely for the last five years in various roles, from industry, over freelancing to academia.

Among other things, I will share personal insights about good office setups, efficient ways to initiate and continue collaborative work remotely and how to turn remote work into an opportunity. Ideally, bring your own experiences and questions from remote work during the pandemic and join the discussion.



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